Our Story

At The Regeneration Station we create, build, and integrate seemingly unrelated industries into unique customer experiences, specializing in retail, service, and sustainability.

Our original business, Junk Recyclers Inc. was founded in the summer of 2009. It is a full-service removal company focused on salvaging unwanted items and diverting them from the waste stream.

The Regeneration Station, a natural complement to Junk Recyclers, was founded in tandem as an additional way of diverting unwanted treasures from the landfill.  Since inception it has become so much more, now with a focus of becoming the most affordable, versatile, and entertaining shopping experience imaginable. We are not your grandma’s antique mall, we bring life to the shopping experience!

As we are constantly reinventing ourselves and our industries, we have added the TRS Craftsman Guild for reclaimed furniture, and our new division.

We infuse our lives and our endeavors with sustainability, community, fun, and soul.

We provide a unique and affordable shopping experience for the whole family, featuring uniques, antiques, and fascinating treasures of every kind. This sparks our customer’s curiosity with constantly evolving fun and affordable products and attractions—not grandma’s antique mall.

At the Regeneration Station (TRS), we feature constantly changing one-of-kind inventory in an enthusiastic, fun and music-enriched environment.

No retail product can be more sustainable than a second hand product given a new life. By the nature of reuse and upcycling our products are locally sourced and environmentally conscious.

At TRS, we believe a wildly entertaining shopping experience can be sustainable and affordable.

Our founder, Tyler Garrison

Our founder, Tyler Garrison


Our Team