How to Shop With Us


Alrighty, you’ve seen our daily social media posts, you’ve seen us pop up in your Craigslist searches, but you’ve never actually been to the store. Well my darlings, it’s time. Give yourself an hour or three, bring a friend or your pup (we have treats!) and come take a stroll through our 36,000 square foot warehouse full of treasures.

The Rundown

We often get customers that will say something along the lines of “This is my first time here…how does this place work?” No worries! We got you.

TRS Inventory

We’ve literally got everything and anything you can imagine.  Sometimes we may not have the thing you’re specifically looking for – but our inventory is constantly changing, so check back often!

We get our inventory from attending local auctions, junk removals (via our other sister company ‘Junk Recyclers’), buying outright, consigning & donations.

Our tags look like this:



We have 100+ vendors that rent out booths & bring in their own inventory. These vendors price their items, set up their booth(s), and then leave it to us to do the selling.

Vendor tags are usually handwritten, like this:


With the above tag, the “71” is the vendors booth number.

If you find an item you want to buy but it’s too big to lug up to the front, grab the tag!

If you found an item but you aren’t ready to check out yet, grab the tag and hang onto it until you’re ready. That way, no one else will buy it out from under you!


We welcome all haggling & negotiating on items over $100! Anything under $100 is firm!

If you see something you like, but think the price may be a little too high for your budget, take a picture of the tag or come grab one of us at the front desk (or if you see one of us skootin’ around).

If it’s our inventory – we’ll happily haggle with ya!

If it’s a vendors item – we’ll call them for you with your offer!


Some Other Things to Keep in Mind…

All sales are final – you will find that this is the case at most, if not all antique stores.

Once you purchase an item you have 7 days to come and get it – we know not everyone has immediate access to a truck so hopefully this will help.

After the 7 days, we charge a storage fee of $20/week

We deliver! Price depends on mileage. Just ask for details at checkout!

We ship! Currently items weighing under 20lbs.

You can purchase an item over the phone!

Welp, that covers just about everything you need to know about shopping with us at TRS.

See ya soon!