We have all heard the slogan: Reduce Reuse Recycle. Did you know, however, that Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is a hierarchy with each step being more important that the one that follows? Reducing your consumption of new goods made with modern processes is the first step, reusing previously produced items saves the carbon pollution created by producing new items, and recycling every scrap of waste saves the destruction of the Earth that is required to collect new raw materials. Furthermore, purchasing recycled goods closes the loop and supports those efforts that have gone into preventing waste.

Purchase all of your housewares, furniture, and bedding from The Regeneration Station and you can feel good about being a conscientious consumer. Alternately, choose Junk Recyclers for your waste removal needs and you can know that the bare minimum of your waste will end up in a landfill.

Together we can operate higher on the 3 R's Cycle because purchasing reused or repurposed items is better than simply buying new items and recycling them when they are broken or worn. Purchasing upcycled items from TRS leads to an overall reduction of pollution and energy use because recycling itself is not free from chemical or carbon emissions. Also many of our modern materials do not lend themselves easily to being recycled.  Secondarily, our repurposed items are more durable than newly purchased items and could last you decades as opposed to years or months for new "Made in China" goods. Another thing to consider is many modern goods are produced with chemical laden particle board and environmentally unsound finishes and processes such as clear-cut forestry, the use of dangerous chemicals, and strip-mined metals and coal.

By shopping at TRS you are supporting local artists, creating jobs in the local economy, and because our materials are collected, reprocessed and recycled locally, you also know a minimum amount of carbon emissions is created during this process. We have even taken this idea of reducing our carbon emissions one step further by fueling our trucks with 100% local BioDiesel made from reused vegetable oil.

Choosing Junk Recyclers for your removal needs as well as shopping at TRS is a simple solution for the problems facing the Earth in today's globalized consumer society.