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Cabin Fever Series: Art Connection

We invite you ALL to come create art together, side-by-side, in a great "safe place" to join with old friends and meet brand new ones! Just come create, express, collaborate, share, be you. Invite your friends!

All artists are welcome to attend - no matter the medium. Bring your canvas, your cameras, your easels, your supplies, music instruments, your hula hoops, creative science experiments, your edible creations, or just yourself.

We would like to provide a safe space for everyone to create art, it doesn't matter what kind of project you want to work on:origami and magazine collages, writing a haiku, to an elaborate Appalachian landscape painting! Just bring/do/be whatever you want here.
This is simply about creating art and being around inspiring people, in a welcoming space...

Also, bring any drinks/snacks you would like (if you want)... and most of all, yourself.

~ This event is BYOB! ~

Share your art with the world, share your story, inspire others, never stop creating!