The Junk Recyclers


Asheville Junk Recycling

Our story starts with a young man with a passion for the environment, and a desire to help the community. Tyler Garrison started doing junk removals in a pick up truck, and rented a storage unit to sell reusable items. Thus Junk Recyclers was created to serve Asheville and beyond. Not long after, The Regeneration Station was born out of necessity.

The goal is to keep at least 85% of what we Junk Recyclers pick up out of the landfill, which saves on all sides! It helps preserve our planet, helps us keep the costs down for our customers, and promotes more efficient living through reducing, reusing and recycling. Our competitive prices, mixed with unbeatable customer service ensures a one of kind experience no matter which experience you choose, and it is quite an experience! Visit our 36,000 square foot warehouse, or call Junk Recyclers at (828) 707-2407 to see for yourself.